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Go the distance challenge 2024!

It’s back! After the success of last year, we are encouraging staff to take part in the Go the Distance challenge during February. As we smashed the target last year we are increasing the distance and will be travelling virtually on a tour from Bath to Budapest, to Berlin and then finishing in Bergen. This is a total of 2421 miles.


You can walk, run, or cycle and then email me your daily or weekly miles that you have achieved to All staff distances will be added together to help reach our goal!  There will be a prize for the person that travels the most miles.  Steps can be converted using this link

Why are we doing this?

We want to encourage staff to engage in exercise, to promote healthy living. Exercise is proven to also help with your mental health.

How are we going to do this?

We want you to track your miles daily, whether it's walking, running or cycling and send a photo of your success into Shelley. This can via exercise or just moving about in your own home. Track your miles from either a phone app, a watch with a step tracker, or a Fitbit. You can arrange to meet with friends or colleagues to go for a walk, or with Shelley as she is always willing to go for a walk, so just ask 😊

If you wish, instead you can set your own individual challenge that Shelley can help keep a record of with you. e.g. walk 10 miles that month, 2 miles every day, or cycle 50-the choice is yours!

Or you can set up a team challenge and have a friendly competition within your team.

We will then track everyone’s progress collectively as a group on a map that will be displayed on the staff portal in our website. Please note that information shared will be anonymous.

We would encourage you to send in photos of you during the challenge, and with your consent, share this on the website or Facebook after the challenge is complete.

Don't have a smartwatch? No worries!

There are many free apps for tracking steps, we know this means always having your phone on you, but let’s be honest how often are you without it? Suggested free apps you can download are:


Get it for iOS or Android.

Fitbit (you don't need a Fitbit device)

Get it for iOS or Android.


Get it for iOS or Android.


Get it for iOS.

Please ask Liam for assistance setting up if needed.

There will also be a small prize for the person that has travelled the most miles by foot and by bike!



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