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Over the past 18 months Youth Connect (formally an in house BANES council service) has been in the process of developing a Staff Mutual which saw them spin out of the Council as an independent charity- Youth Connect South West- from November 2019!  Preserving youth services for BANES and beyond. Current referrals are not affected by this change.  

"Whilst working through these changes the service must be commended for their continued commitment to supporting vulnerable young people and their pragmatism in overcoming uncertainty and unprecedented change."

Marcia Burgham, Strategic Commissioning Officer, Bath and North East Somerset Council

We want to let you know that as of 4 November 2019 Bath and North East Somerset Youth Connect Services has separated from the Council and is no longer a Council service. They have changed their name to Youth Connect South West and have become a charitable organisation. The reason for is so they can make changes to the service; making it better and more effective for young people. Current referrals have moved to the new Youth Connect South West service and we will be supporting and advising young people in exactly the same way as has before. All previous records and engagement plans will be used by the team to carry on helping young people move into adulthood, work or training. The Southside Youth Hub will be the head office and we will be delivering youth work at this centre. We will still deliver youth work in Radstock, Westfield, Paulton and Timsbury. If you have any questions or concerns about how things are changing, or you have any questions about how your records will be used to support you please read our privacy policy or get in contact with us.


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