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Starting in September 2024, YCSW Alternative Learning programmes, Partnership 4 Learning and Learning 4 Work, will undergo significant changes. We are excited to share developments which mean we have the opportunity to provide more time in our centres, which will offer more support to help our learners build the skills they need in our specialist environment.

Full-time Further Education courses require young people to attend for a minimum of 16 hours per week. To meet the government's new post-16 funding requirements, this must include 7 hours of English and Maths face-to-face learning for those who have not yet achieved Level 2 qualifications.

We have worked hard to ensure we will be in a position to deliver a full-time course and we have allocated places to any young people who we believe may be able to manage the timetable of 16 hours. These full-time courses will predominantly be delivered at our Radstock and Southside centres. In addition to Maths and English, the students on the courses will have access to a comprehensive alternative learning curriculum, including a number of vocational subjects. Each student will have a personalised timetable, designed to help them work towards their goals and aspirations. 

Please be aware that there is an expectation that young people on the full-time course should be able to travel to our sites, we cannot provide transport. Staff can assist young people in acquiring bus passes and travel training if necessary. Transport to offsite activities will be provided. 

Recognising that the full-time option may not be suitable for all learners, we have developed a part-time option of 6 hours per week to maintain flexibility and personalised learning. This part-time provision will be delivered using a combination of working from students’ homes, community settings, and our centres. The part-time option includes face-to-face time with a Key Worker for learning and enrichment activities, 1 hour each of Maths and English tutoring per week and travel time for accessing opportunities.

Both the full-time and part-time students will be enrolled as Bath College students and will have access to Speech and Language Support and Listening Support.

In addition to the full-time and part-time options, we will also be offering Education Support Packages for young people who need additional support alongside their course, or for those who are not yet able to meet the requirements of the other courses.

Further details about the three offers are below:

Full Time

Location based:

Learners are expected to travel to site by themselves after initial support period.

Minimum expectations:

Learner will be able to attend 16 hours a week.

Part Time

Community based:

Sessions are delivered in learner homes and community buildings. Learner supported to travel, as necessary.

Minimum expectations:

Learner will be able to attend 6 hours a week.

Education Support Package

Flexible on needs of learner:

This support is additional or alternative to courses. It is delivered by YCSW separately.

Minimum expectations:

There are no expectations. ESS offers up to 6 hours of engagement support for students.

Course structure (hours per week)

Tutorial and PDF


Dedicated 1-2-1 time with a Key Worker. Developing and delivering on a holistic action plan, which incorporates EHCP outcomes, academic achievement, and personal / social development.

Personal development Framework

Accreditable curriculum activities delivered 1-2-1 or in small groups. This includes employability skills, vocational tasters, engagement, and enrichment.

Maths and English

1-2-1 and small group sessions. Options for some online support. A range of levels to meet needs.

It is important to note that HMRC requires a minimum of 12 hours per week for a young person to be considered in full-time education, which may affect benefit eligibility. We advise contacting benefit providers directly to discuss individual circumstances. Information on college bursary entitlement can be found on the Bath College website.


Our Key Workers will continue to support students with various qualifications and activities both on-site and at partner locations. While we will follow Bath College term dates, we aim to offer some keep-in-touch sessions during holidays when possible.  


Although these changes have been driven by necessity, we are confident that the new offer will provide young people with more opportunities and support to enable them to progress.

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