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Don't be bored during the holidays!

FREE activities for young people this Summer!

This year we have two programmes running throughout the summer holidays. Read the summaries below and click on the posters to find out the full list of sessions and find out how to book your spot!

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Bath Summer Escape

Join us this summer for an unforgettable adventure with Bathscape's Bath Summer Escape programme! Calling all teenagers in year 7 and above (up to age 18) residing in Foxhill, Snowhill, Twerton, and Whiteway, along with the surrounding areas. We have an amazing lineup of exhilarating sessions planned just for you during the summer break.

Get ready to explore the great outdoors and make lasting memories with our exciting activities. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you embark on thrilling kayaking adventures. Unleash your creativity with nature art sessions, where you can express yourself through artistic creations inspired by the stunning surroundings. Experience the magic of the night as you participate in captivating bat walks, discovering the fascinating world of these nocturnal creatures. Learn essential survival skills in our bushcraft sessions, where you'll gain knowledge about wilderness survival, navigation, and much more.

These activities are designed to engage, entertain, and inspire you throughout the summer holidays. So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to make the most of your break. Join us for the Bathscape Summer Escape programme and let the adventures begin!

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Summer Activities

Get ready for an electrifying summer at Radstock Youth Hub and Southside Youth Centre in Bath!

Step out of your comfort zone and plunge into a world of endless possibilities. Experience the thrill of socializing, grooving to music, unleashing your creativity through art, engaging in heart-pounding sports, and unlocking your potential with captivating workshops.

Reserved spots are available for those entitled to free school meals across B&NES, but we also have some spaces for other young people to join. Don't miss out on the chance to make this summer break truly epic!

Activities include a wide range of exciting options: from sports and music video workshops to cartoon creation, puppetry and virtual reality adventures, stone and wood carving, thrilling Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, mind-boggling Magic: The Gathering battles, and even unleashing your artistic flair in a graffiti workshop.

Seize the opportunity and make this summer your most unforgettable one yet. Contact us now to secure your spot!

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