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Jan 2022

Hi everyone, we hope that if you were able to make our early Christmas party that you enjoyed it, even with some very questionable singing! Below are some important dates for December.

HR Updates

Annual Leave

The Senior Management Team would like to thank all staff for their hard work this year, as a thank you we are giving all staff Wednesday 28th December off. For those of you that don’t work on a Wednesday your next working day that week has been booked off for you. Should you only work a Monday or Tuesday you will be booked off on your last working day before Christmas. Please do not cancel any leave you may have booked on these days, your account has been recredited with these hours. If you didn’t have this day booked we have now booked this off for you and credited your account. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Since my last HR update we’ve welcomed a number of new staff to the team, Emily Pike (Key Worker), Kerry Fisher (Learning Mentor), Karen Dallard (Deputy Café Assistant), Leah Jenkins, Jessica Hays, Luke Usher and Hero Fancett (AYSW), Maria Green (Education Support Worker) and Clare Jones (Engagement Worker). We will also have some new faces arriving in December with Dudley Gray (AYSW), Jenny Drew (Education Support Worker – Sport Specialism) and Lorraine Wooltorton (Cleaning Operative at Radstock) joining us very soon. We’ve also said goodbye to David Phillips (Finance Manager), Leigh McBride (Building Officer), Mhairi Kristoffersen (Engagement Worker) and Jemma Russell (Personal Assistant).

People’s Pension Reminder

All new starters are automatically entered into the People’s Pension once they have been employed with us for three months, with the first deduction appearing in the fourth payslip. Staff should then receive a welcome pack in the post direct from the People’s Pension. If you wish to opt out you need to complete an opt out form in the welcome pack and any deductions are returned via your wage slip. Youth Connect currently contributes 6% having been able to increase this figure back in April 2022. Should any staff wish to opt back into the People’s Pension please contact me directly. I can also confirm that early next year anyone not in the Avon or People’s Pension who previously had opted out will be automatically opted back into the People’s Pension in line with Government guidance. More information on this will follow nearer the time.

Finally have a wonderful Christmas if I don’t see you in the office before.

If you have any questions on the above please do contact me.

Thank you


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