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Radstock Filmmaking Workshops 

Are you interested in learning how professional television programs and films are made?

Have fun over the next six weeks by learning how to make professional videos in and around Radstock.


TV and Video Producer Alastair Rzeznick will be teaching skills for professional video production.


Alastair has worked extensively in television and film and will be passing on his knowledge.


He said, “When I was 13 years old I had the opportunity to attend a film and television course in Bristol. Through this, I learned a variety of technical and creative skills and got to experiment with professional kit, filming and editing, and all things TV and film! This opened lots of doors for me later in life and was great fun to attend. Through this local course, we hope to provide the same opportunities to young people in Radstock. I hope to see you there!"



Starting 23rd March 2024 for 6 weeks

11:00 - 13:00

Radstock Youth Hub, Church St, Radstock


During the short course, we will cover:

Week 1

  • Meet and greet - Getting to know each other

  • Discussing what local themes/stories around Radstock interest you

  • Watching great examples of TV and Film.

  • Brainstorming ideas to pitch to a client

  • Discussing the client's needs - Somer Valley Rediscovered


Week 2

  • An introduction to professional camera kits and microphones. Practicing taking shots.

  • Brainstorming more ideas to make films about and finishing ideas to pitch to a real client


Week 3

  • Pitching relevant story ideas to a local client

  • Planning the filming of those ideas

  • Filming interviews and practising camera and sound work.


Week 4 

  • Health and safety briefing by Sam and Alastair.

  • Filming our chosen stories in the valley/Radstock.

Week 5 

  • Reviewing our footage.

  • An introduction to editing basics

  • Exploring what we would do next time differently, and future video story ideas that you have for your next films.

Week 6 

  • Film screening

  • Showreel planning so you can show your work in future

Who are these sessions for?


Anyone who is 11 - 19 (secondary school aged) and up to 25 with EHCP. 

How can I book?


You can easily sign up via our online form here:

Can I contact you about this?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 01225 396980 or

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