Get Involved with Windows of Love 14th February 2021!

Right now there are lots of reasons people may be feeling sad, unhappy, or a little down but we want to focus on the good things in life and doing all we can to be happy ourselves and to make other people feel happy around us. That’s why we’ll be joining in with making our very own Windows of Love and we’d love for you to join in at home too!

This Sunday 14th February, people are being invited to share love with those around them by decorating their windows with hearts and other signs of love.

You can decorate your windows by drawing or painting pictures to display on the window, or creating artwork any way you wish. Use as many colours as you’d like and make your design as small or as large as you desire. Use crayons, colouring pens, paints, or whatever you have to hand to put together your creation. You can even add glitter if you want to bring a bit of sparkle to the day!

This isn’t about making the best or most beautiful artwork, but about focusing on creating something fun that you enjoy doing and that will make people smile and feel love when they walk past.

So join in and share the love in your neighbourhood this Valentine’s Day by decorating a window (or multiple windows!) in your home so that your neighbours and anyone walking by can see them. It will make those passing by smile and be cheered up for just a moment…you might even make someone’s day!

If you do create a Window of Love, you can share your artwork on social media using the hashtags #WindowsOfLove and #HeartBomb2021. You can also follow these hashtags to see the fun things other people create and make the most of this fun day.