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A day in the life of a Targeted Youth Worker

9:00 – Admin (work from home)

Start the day, check emails and plan for today’s sessions with young people. Switch on my phone to make sure I don’t have any cancellations for the day! Sometimes at this point in the day I need to switch up my calendar if I have cancellations at the last minute.

9:30 – College visit

I leave the house and travel into Bath to pick up a young person on the way. Today I am taking them to look around Bath College. I pick them up and then we catch the bus at the park & ride, and travel into Bath together. I have pre-arranged a tour around the college with one of the SEND workers there as my young person has autism and they are feeling unsure about it all, so this is an opportunity for them to ask questions and for them to get a feel of the place and meet some staff. We catch the bus back together and I drop the young person back home afterwards. On the way home we chat about the college and how they are feeling. They still feel nervous about starting but found the tour helpful and think they will get used to it once they have started their course. They know that there are support staff available at college to help them navigate their experience.

11:00 – Southside

I pop into the office at Southside to catch up with some work and use the printer whilst I’m there to print off resources for my sessions with young people. I have a session coming up later with a young person around cannabis, so I use this time to look up resources and update what I already have in my folder. While I’m in the office I check my emails again – one of my colleagues in the team has completed some self-harm training and has circulated the training slides. This is of interest to me as I am working with an individual who self-harms, so I use this time to read up on the notes and I print off some of the resources which could be good to use in my sessions with her.

12:00 – A quick bite to eat for lunch

12:30 – Volunteer visit at Bath City Farm

I go to pick up another young person and head to Bath City Farm. Today they are volunteering on an animal care course. The young person is NEET and hasn’t really engaged in any activities or sessions I have suggested since I have been working with them, so today is a big step for them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Today they have been asked to help feed the pigs and the goats, clean out some animal pens and put fresh hay in and they have the opportunity to cuddle the goats (my young person got stuck into this!). I help supervise, take some photos and support them. On the way home, I ask them how they got on, and they enjoyed most of it (except for picking up poo), and they want to go back next time, so this is very positive news!

1:30 – Travel to school in Chew Valley

1:55 – Quick phone call

I have a few minutes spare in the car so use this time to ring the parent of a new referral to introduce myself, and explain about the targeted service and arrange a time and date to attend for a home visit to see them and the young person together.

2:05 1:1 session in the school

I am meeting with a young person who I’ve been seeing for a few months. He tends to have quite risky behaviour. We have covered quite a lot of things in our sessions together including vapes, energy drinks, alcohol, online safety and sex. Today we’re looking at cannabis resources as he has told me he’s tried it but doesn’t use it, although many of his friends do. I’ve prepared a quiz and fact sheet to base our conversations around so we can discuss the risks and harm, this way he can make safe informed choices if he were to try it again. He does very well in the quiz and I’m quite impressed that he knows the answers. He didn’t know that smoking weed can affect sperm count, and he says that he wants to have children in the future, so this is something we talked about and he thought might be a good reason not to do it!

3:30 – Drive home

I arrive back home, and just have time to write up my notes from young people for the day on IYSS. I log all interventions and check records, update multimedia etc. Overall today has been quite a good day; I have managed to get my young NEET person to engage in an activity for the first time, I have delivered an informative session to a young person so they can now make safe choices and I have helped to support a young person around their college campus so they feel happier about attending in the future.

I enjoy my role and being in the targeted team as the work can be so varied, not every day runs as smoothly and there are ups and downs to working with all young people, but overall, it feels good to be helping to support and make a difference in young people’s lives.


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