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YCSW has been commissioned to undertake a feasibility study for the South East Somerset LCN pilot (SES). The full list of the parish and town councils for this pilot can be seen here. Castle Cary Town Council is acting as the lead for the commission. Any questions regarding this pilot please contact Lisa Davis, Town Clerk for Castle Cary Town Council, at town.clerk@castle-cary.co.uk

If you have any questions regarding the research project please get in touch with Sam Plummer, who is the lead. He can be reached on 07980998670 or at sam.plummer@ycsw.org.uk.

  What is an LCN?  


Local Community Networks (LCNs) are made up of groups of local parish and town councils. LCNs are important to improve the local community for everyone who lives within them. LCNs will include city, town and parish councils, voluntary groups, the NHS, schools, the police, residents and other interested parties. Somerset Council is currently shaping how LCNs will work through three LCN pilot areas; Exmoor, Frome and SES.

  What are the objectives of the feasibility study?  


  • Understand the current availability and gaps in Universal Youth Work Provision in a defined area

  • Understand key communities in a defined area in terms of their aspirations and their needs of Youth Work support for their young people

  • Assess the viability and options for increasing Universal Youth Provision in the defined area, including options for funding and sustainability

  • Create recommendations on how to develop sustainable universal youth work offers in LCN areas


The study will result in a report and a presentation to outline the opportunities and challenges to develop more universal youth work in the local communities that are part of the LCN.

  Stage 1  


Parish and town councils opting in to take part in the study



22nd July 2022 – 3rd August 2022


What’s happening:

Parish and town councils need to confirm they wish to take part and agree to support the study. Parish and town councils will only be included if they OPT in. By opting in, the research team will include them in the area to be studied and they will be required to support this by supplying information and supporting access to their communities.


  Stage 2  


Data gathering and analysis based on the areas that opt-in



3rd August 2022 – 21st September 2022


What’s happening:

The team will be conducting interviews, collecting surveys and using secondary data. They will also be visiting areas to engage with young people and parents.


  Stage 3  


Report launch and presentation



30th September 2022 – 7th October 2022


What’s happening:

The report will be launched on this site and a presentation conducted. Venue and date to be confirmed.

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