Young Person holding knife crime poster

YCSW have supported a group of young people to design a poster and wallet card to raise awareness of how to report knife crime. We would like to thank Future Fusion for all their help in designing and producing these! The young people are really happy with the finished product and have enjoyed seeing their ideas come to life.

These were commissioned by B&NES Violence Reduction Unit, the Violence Reduction Unit; has been established in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner who bid for Home Office funding under the national Serious Violence Strategy. Our local ambition is that children, young people and adults lead lives free of serious violence in their homes and communities. Although the overall incidence of serious violence is comparatively low in this area, it is very significant for those involved and it impacts particularly on young people. Consultation with local young people has shown they believe knife crime is under-reported because they are not always clear who to speak to about it and they are frightened of any repercussions. Together with several other initiatives, this poster campaign aims to encourage young people to speak to trusted adults about any concerns they may have in relation to knife crime.

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